Continuing Education for Performance Horse Riders and Livestock Handling

Two time world champion, AQHA World Show level 2 Finalist, and NRCHA Regional Champion Kirk Hall invites you to his ranch for a unique opportunity. Kirk is a full time Reined Cowhorse Trainer and a full time rancher, with about twenty horses in training and 130 head of black angus cattle running on 4000 acres. He has opened up his facility for participants to come and improve their horsemanship, learn more about reining, cutting and cowhorse and also participate in all the ranching activities. This is not a dude ranch, guests are expected to help with chores, saddle their own horses, and assist where needed. This is for experienced riders who want to learn more about the performance horse disciplines, ride good horses, and get to do real ranch work. We are accepting guests from the first of April to the end of June and again in September.  The opportunities and tasks vary with the time of year, with each month offering something special. Our program revolves around training horses and so will your experience.


There will be daily lessons on varying topics including cutting, reining, fencework, roping, cattle handling, problem solving, and colt starting.

  - April: calving first calf heifers, night checking, assisting in delivery, calving cows, feeding cows, tagging calves, expect cold weather. 

  - May: Calving cows, tagging calves, pasture roping, potentially feeding cows, moving pairs, branding calves, days are longer, grass starts greening up, moderate weather.

 - June: tagging calves, pasture roping, branding, moving pairs, helping neighbors, warmer weather.

  - September-checking cows, doctoring, pasture roping, moving pastures, very nice weather.

Guests check in Sunday afternoon, Monday through Friday we ride and work on the ranch, Saturday guests are free to sight see, shop, or just relax and Sunday morning they depart.  Lodging, meals and horses are provided.  Guests are expected to arrange their own transportation with Denver International as the closest major airport.  Cost for the week is 1500 US dollars per person and a minimum of six per party and double occupancy per room.

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Kirk est à la fois entraineur de chevaux de Working Cow de haut niveau et rancher à plein temps. Le ranch, situé dans le Dakota du Sud, s’étend sur environ 700 hectares pour 130 têtes Black Angus. Il ouvre ses portes aux cavaliers expérimentés et très motivés à venir améliorer leurs aptitudes en horsemanship, reining, cowhorse, cutting, et à participer aux activités du ranch. Attention, cette opportunité n’est pas ouverte aux touristes. Les participants devront être autonomes dans la préparation des chevaux et en mesure d’effectuer les tâches demandées.  Cette proposition s’adresse uniquement aux cavaliers expérimentés qui souhaitent s’améliorer dans les disciplines de tri de bétail, monter de bons chevaux et participer au vrai travail de ranch. Notre programme de travail est basé sur l’amélioration du travail du cheval, du cavalier et de l’expérience du travail de ranch. Différentes leçons quotidiennes incluant : cutting, reining, fence work, roping, résolution de problèmes, débourrage, gestion du bétail. Les invités arriveront dimanche après-midi. Travailler sur le ranch lundi à vendredi. Samedi les invités seront libres de voir les attractions locales. Et partir dimanche matin.

  - Avril : Naissance des veaux, assistance et surveillance, gestion quotidienne des troupeaux, bouclage des veaux. Météo : Froid, Neige.

 - Mai : Naissance des veaux, bouclage, roping, gestion des troupeaux, marquage.. Longues journées, météo modérée.

  - Juin : Bouclage des veaux, roping en extérieur, marquage, aide des ranchs voisins. Météo plus clémente.

  - Septembre : Gestion des troupeaux, doctoring, roping, transhumance. Météo magnifique.

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